Galvanic skin face lift LED photon therapy machine

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Material: ABS / Stainless steel 
Size: 19.5 * 3.3 * 5.5 cm
Working voltage: 100-240V 

Ultrasonic + Photon + Ionic + LCD Display

Photon treatment promotes the penetration of water soluble and oil soluble beauty products and promotes the formulation of collagen

Ultrasonic activation the cell tissue accelerates the circulation of blood and lymph fluids 

Reduces wrinkles, spots, acne and droopiness of skin 

Different lights have following functions: 
Red light: wavelength 625 ±3nm/12 LEDs activate cells, promote the formulation of collagen, remove wrinkles around eyes
Green light: wavelength 525±3nm/12 LEDs, reduce inflammation, eliminate acne, balance water and oil for oily skin - great for oily skin, acne prone skin and sensitive skin
Blue light: wavelength 465 ±3nm/12 LEDs, activate cells, reduce melanin, brighten and whitening skin, boost skin moisture 

The ultrasonic machine increases internal secretion motility of the skin, takes care of deep skin tissue, reduces wrinkles, color spots, acne and sagging skin
Ultrasonic cleaning function: deep cleansing of toxins, discharge blackheads, prevents acne
Makes your nutrition creams have more effect on the skin
Ultrasonic fat burning function: slimming face and body, to prevent the accumulation of fat 

Keep skin moisturized
Improve blood circulation
Remove eczema
Resist melanin
Resist acne regenerating
Whitening skin
Tighten pores and skin
Make skin smoother
Remove wrinkles 
Balance skin   

Galvanic Current: positive ion and anion functions extract harmful substances from skin
Rechargeable supply - use time 1 hours after recharging