Nanum car aroma diffuser

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Tulip shaped car essential oil diffuser - ideal for people who have allergies
Reduces cigaret smell & odour coming from air condition outlets  
Ideal when transporting pets to keep car air fresh 
Create a pleasant scent in your car with adding drops of your preferred aroma oil 
Releasing fragrance for creating a soothing atmosphere in your car 
USB socket at side for charging your mobile device
Powered by USB outlet or plug it into the car cigarette lighter socket 

Colours: Black, White, Blue, Pink, Green
Input voltage: 12V / 24V
Operating voltage / current: 12V / 300mA
USB output mode: 5V / 3.1A (max)
Output voltage: USB DC5V
Host size: 45 * 78 mm
Car head size: 26 * 52 mm
Material: PP + hardware