Nanum facial massage & mist spray

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Mini device for moisturized & energized skin 
Creates nano mist to deeply penetrate the skin and hydrate your face
Refreshing & cooling effect 
Vibrating massage to circulate blood
Can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dry skin 
Rejuvenates & leaves your skin more vital 
Reduces dark eye circles & puffiness under the eyes 
Even better results when using before or after applying creams, serums, moisturizers, essences and masks 
Slip design for convenient use 
Charged via USB 
Use only clean water to fill the tank 
Water tank capacity: 10ml
Spray time: 30 seconds
Size: 12 x 4.8 x 3 cm 
Power: 3.7v
Battery: 400MAH
Spray volume: 1ml/min
Working current: 280-350mA