Pet travel shoulder bag

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Keep your little pet safe and comfy during your travels with this soft sling carrier bag.
Designed to keep your pet protected, secure, and comfortable.
This tote sling bag is perfect for hands free travelling or trips to the vet.
The carrier bag is made with wide padded mesh and leather strap with quality sturdy buckle for your comfort.
Features durable PU leather bottom and breathable mesh top.
The sling bag provides a safe and cozy place for your pet to look around or even sleep.
Perfect for chihuahua, teacup poodle, yorkshire terrier, puppies, small dogs, cats and other pets.

Colors: red, purple, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue
Material: Mesh fabric, sponge and PVC
Hand wash only
S31 24 22 cm
L: 37 * 29 * 25 cm