Rain & mud shoes for dogs

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Perfect solution for rainy days
Rubber boots that keep your pets feet from getting dirty and bringing mud inside the house 
Easy to put on with adhesive strap 
Clean & wash with ease 

Material: rubber
Color: yellow, pink, blue, purple, black
Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL 

S: 4.2 * 3.3 cm
M: 4.9 * 4 cm
L: 5.8 * 4.5 cm
XL: 7.5 * 6 cm
XXL: 9 * 7 cm

Package includes: 4 x shoes 

How to measure? 

Step 1: Lay a blank sheet of paper on the ground and let the four feet of the dog stand on the white paper.
Step 2: Draw a circle around the dog's first foot with a pen. Please pay attention to the back of the dog's foot when drawing the circle around the dog's foot.
When the toe bag is used, press its foot to let the bag draw the outer edge of the bag. After drawing, use the ruler to measure the longest diameter of the dog's footprint.
How long is the square, and how wide is the widest? All four feet must be measured.
Step 3: When determining the size of the dogs feet, please choose the longest length and the widest width.
Step 4: The length and width of the selected dogs shoes should not be less than the length and width of the dog's feet. It must be longer and wider by at least 0.5 cm than the dogs foot size. 


Measurement cm (Approx.)

Length of sole

Width of sole


Ankle diameter


4.2 cm

3.3 cm

5 cm

8.5 cm


4.9 cm

4 cm

6 cm

10 cm


5.8 cm

4.5 cm

6.6 cm

12 cm