Replacement toothbrush heads for Philips Sonicare

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Package includes: Toothbrush heads (4 pieces/set)
Bristle texture: Medium
Recommended replacement: Every 3 months
Compatible with the Sonicare e-Series electric toothbrush
Brush heads are visibly angled for better reach within the mouth, providing a thorough every day clean while massaging and stimulating gums.
Bristles optimize performance, ensuring effective cleaning.
Snap-on brush head compatible with multiple Sonicare handles, including original.
Easy to maneuver for focus on hard-to-reach areas.

Model: Diamond Clean
Model: FlexCare+
Model: FlexCare Healthy White
Model: Easy Clean
Model: ProResult
Model: HX6011/6013/6014/6016/6017/6311/6412/6432
Model: HX6711/6730/6731/6732/6733/6780/6782
Model: HX6902/6921/6930/6932/6942/6972/6982/6993
Model: HX6100/HX6150/HX6411/HX6431/HX6500/HX6511
Model: HX6530/HX6711/HX6730/HX6731/HX6732/HX6780
Model: HX6781/HX6782/HX6902/HX6910/HX6911/HX6912
Model: HX6921/HX6930/HX6932/HX6933/HX6942/HX6952
Model: HX6982/HX9332/HX9382/HX9342
Model: Sonicare R710 Sonicare R732 Sonicare RS910
Model: Sonicare RS930 Sonicare RS95