Thermal heated shoe soles

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Cut to fit your size from 36 to 46 (European size)
Easy to adjust 
Two kinds of power supply modes - use USB cable to charge or 3 x AA batteries for each case (total 6 batteries required - power bank or batteries not included)
Soft EVA material
Max temperature: 42 degrees
Insoles can be connected to battery pack contained inside mesh fabric pouch which securely fastens around the leg with a strap 

Technical specifications:
Voltage: 4.5 V
Power: 1.8 W
Cable length: 43 cm
USB cable length: 120 cm 
Made from: EVA-foam (thickness: 0.48 cm), synthetics, metal 

Package includes:
1 x pair of Heated Insoles
2 x battery cases
2 x battery bags
2 x USB cable
Do not use more than one insole per shoe.
Do not fold or bend the insoles.
Ensure that the cable is correctly plugged into the battery case and that the pockets
are closed properly.
The ankle straps should be fastened tightly around the legs.
Non waterproof.